Graduate Studies in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Transfer of Status from PRS to DPhil Student

Transfer of status interviews are normally carried out by current year's Organic Chemistry Part II examiners. The students are asked to submit two copies of a bound report in the beginning of Septmeber. Transfer of Status vivas are normally held at the end of September / beginning of October.

The report should include a short description of the aims of your project and its context, a summary of your progress to date, and a plan of your intended future work.  This section must be no more than 5 standard A4 pages long.  In addition to this section, it is a requirement for transfer of status that you provide evidence that all the compounds you have prepared are properly characterised and therefore you must include in the report a complete experimental section to accompany the chemistry described therein.  Finally, you should also append a list of seminars, lectures and conferences that you have attended during your probationary year.

Confirmation of DPhil Student Status

Students are asked to submit a complete GSO14 form by the end of the 9th term at the lastest, plus attach a one-page progress report, describing your progress to date and plan for completion / thesis submission.

Other requirements

At the end of their third year all DPhil students in Organic Chemistry are expected to present their work at an annual Graduate Symposium (see NOTICE BOARD). Each presentation lasts approximately 20 min, with up to 5 min allowed for questions from the audience and students generally use PowerPoint for the purpose.

These activities, along with report writing, presentations at group meetings, completing the requirements for transfer and confirmation of status etc., build up a portfolio of skills that students acquire during the course of their studies. 

A wide variety of courses is available at the Researcher Training Tool.

Submission of the thesis 

Students ready to submit their thesis should apply for appointments of examiners approx. 4-6 weeks prior to their planned submission date. Guidance notes (GSO.20a form) and Application for the appointment of examiners (GSO.3 form) can be downloaded *here*.

Conference funding

Students can apply to the Department for contribution towards conference funding via an application which can be downloaded *here* - the maximum amount is £500 (per student for the whole duration of the programme). The application should be submitted to Mr D’Arcy King in the Chemistry Finance Office in the CRL (contact email address: ).