Graduate Studies in Chemistry

The Lilly Prizes for Excellence in Organic Chemistry Research are awarded by Eli Lilly and Company Ltd.  They are awarded for excellence in the first year of postgraduate study and are assessed on the quality of experimental work, written submission and viva voceat the point of examination for PRS transfer of status to DPhil.  Dr Jeffery Richardson from Lilly‚Äôs came to award the prizes on Tuesday 30 April.  

The winners of the Lilly prizes for the year 2017-2018 are:

Lucy van Dijk             (Supervisor: Stephen Fletcher)

Antoine de Gombert   (Supervisor: Mike Willis)

Charlotte Hoskin         (Supervisor: Hagan Bayley)

Brian Josephson          (Supervisor: Ben Davis)

Owen Smith                (Supervisors: Jonathan Burton, Martin Smith, and Rob Paton)

Richard Surgenor        (Supervisor: Martin Smith)

Ruirui Zhang               (Supervisor: Mark Moloney)

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